Looking for a reliable bass depping resource to support your Foo Fighters tribute? 

When it comes to full on anthemic stadium rock, there can’t be many bands that trump the Foo Fighters.  However whilst I was a big Nirvana fan as a kid in the early 1990s, it always amazes me how the early Foo Fighters music seemed to completely miss my consciousness.  It was only through depping and seeing songs like Learn To Fly, Times Like These and Best Of You regularly turning up on cover band setlists I really started to appreciate the music and take notice.  Whilst I might have been late to the party, I’m a huge fan now and has been one of the most enjoyable back catalogues to learn as well understanding the history of the band along the way.  It’s made me realise just how much of a modern day legend Dave Grohl is.  Live, there’s nothing like rocking out the music but its seeing the reaction of the crowd who always go crazy for it that makes it all the more special.  Is there anyone that doesn’t like the Foo Fighters?


Here’s an additional Foo Fighters cover recorded by a cobbled together team of colleagues and live streamed as part of a Health and Vitality session during lockdown in Jan 2021. 



From closely studying much of the extensive back catalogue and performing many of the Foo Fighters hits over the years in different covers band, I believe I’m well placed to support your Foo Fighters tribute.  If you are interested in using me as either an adhoc dep or more as a permanent dep resource then I’d be delighted to help.  Please click below to find out how I’d look to work with you or get in touch to contact me directly.