Looking to learn guitar and start playing your favourite tunes? 

Introducing the ultimate guitar tuition resource, meticulously crafted from over 30 years of personal experience as a guitarist. This comprehensive guide is designed to transform your guitar-playing journey by focusing on the foundational elements of chords, ensuring a smooth progression in your skills. Our unique approach builds finger dexterity and musical understanding gradually, making sure that even beginners can start playing their favorite songs as quickly as possible.
Drawing from decades of playing and teaching, this resource incorporates the essential learning I wish I had received from the start. Unlike traditional methods that teach just one song in one place on the guitar neck, the course delves into the underlying structure of music, empowering you to explore the whole of the guitar neck whilst learning a wealth of songs. You’ll gain a deep understanding of how chords and scales interconnect, unlocking the fretboard and enabling you to move fluidly across it. Whether you’re just picking up the guitar for the first time or looking to refine your existing skills, our tuition guide promises to make your learning experience engaging and rewarding, setting you up for a lifetime of musical success. Join us and unlock the guitarist within you, one chord at a time.



  • Learning videos
  • Lesson Action Plans
  • Chord sheets