Do you have a project that requires basslines to be written or dep cover for a forthcoming originals band gig?

In addition to supporting tribute and covers bands, I also like to get involved with original artists.  This could either be for a musical project that requires some basslines to be written or to provide dep support for an originals band where the bass player is unavailable.

Recent projects include; having the privilege of covering a series of dep gigs before the lockdown period with the Marshall Cozens Band.  Featuring the very talented Liza Marshall on vocals, the band brings together an authentic mix of country, folk, rock and blues influences to deliver some great original work. 

During the lockdown period I’ve also been working with Bren Daly (guitar) and Jeremy Fisher (drums) on an originals album.

If you are interested in getting my help with an originals project or would require my support depping for a gig then please feel free to contact me to discuss.