Looking for a reliable bass depping resource to support your Jam / Paul Weller tribute? 

The Jam and Paul Weller have always been more to me than great music.  As a kid growing up with a mod as an older brother, my earliest musical recollection was dancing around his bedroom to ‘Start’, that same song being the first one I learnt when I first picked up the bass.  With The Jam especially being part of the soundtrack of my life, it was only a matter of time before I played in a Jam and Paul Weller tribute. 

In 2013, we put together a Jam and Paul Weller tribute, made up of 3 members who all had a true passion and appreciation of the music and the history.  This evolved into Just The Jam. 

Through managing and taking the lead in the marketing of the band, we were able to turn the act into a successful tribute performing at tribute gigs, scooter clubs and rallies and private functions across the South of England.  You always knew the place was going to go crazy when we kicked into Going Underground or Town Called Malice, however it was exploring the B sides and album tracks that were always the gems for me.

It was only through doing these gigs and speaking to diehard fans you get a true appreciation of how important Paul Weller and The Jam were to the sound and style of a generation.


Having managed and played in a Jam and Paul Weller tribute band for a number of years, covering all the extensive back catalogue, and gaining the experience of performing at countless gigs, I believe I’m well placed to support your Jam tribute.  If you are interested in using me as either an adhoc dep or more as a permanent dep resource then I’d be delighted to help.  Please click below to find out how I’d look to work with you or get in touch to contact me directly.