Looking for a reliable bass depping resource to support your Queen tribute? 

When you think of the ultimate rock act there can’t be many names that come to mind before Queen.  For me they are the ultimate stadium rock band that are guaranteed to engage any crowd regardless of generation.  Having played many of these iconic songs in cover bands and from working through their back catalogue you get a feel for not only the sheer volume of hits but just how uniquely these anthemic songs are constructed.  I can tell you from being in this position; there’s nothing more scary than going on stage at a festival after a Queen set!

I’ve always really enjoyed studying John Deacon’s bass playing which often gets overlooked when you think of the greats.  However his melodic approach right across the bass neck fits the music like a glove and drives the unmistakable Queen sound.    

As well as the bass parts I’ve written out the typical John Deacon backing vocals and would be comfortable covering as necessary.  



From closely studying much of the extensive back catalogue and performing many of the Queen hits over the years in different covers band, I believe I’m well placed to support your Queen tribute.  If you are interested in using me as either an adhoc dep or more as a permanent dep resource then I’d be delighted to help.  Please click below to find out how I’d look to work with you or get in touch to contact me directly.