Looking for a reliable bass depping resource to support your Duran Duran tribute? 

When you think of the 80’s, there can’t be many bands that defined the era, the look and the soundtrack like Duran Duran.  With their sharp style and new wave vibe in the early 80’s, the band went on to become one of the best selling artist of the decade.  Whilst you the might associate the band with Nick Rhodes keys sound scape, it’s the powerful Bernard Edwards inspired syncopated funk basslines from the often underrated John Taylor that drives the songs.   

Whilst I’ve always appreciated the music it has only been more recently where I’ve really explored the sound….so much so that I learned most of the entire back catalogue!  As well as the bass parts I’ve written out the typical John Taylor backing vocals and would be comfortable covering as necessary.  Please take a listen to the YouTube clips to get a sample of the songs I’ve covered and the level of detail to capture as authentic a sound as possible.  NB These are all studio version however aware of the typical structures performed live. 


From closely studying much of the extensive back catalogue I believe I’m well placed to support your Duran Duran tribute.  If you are interested in using me as either an adhoc dep or more as a permanent dep resource then I’d be delighted to help.  Please click below to find out how I’d look to work with you or get in touch to contact me directly.